Tie Photos 2

I took some more photos of my ties on two differnet models, this time a created an enviroment and a context for the tie. I think in these photos, the tie adds to the personality to the scene and creates a distinct dialog.

Guitar Tie 2Guitar TieOffice Tie 2Office Tie   


Photo’s and Men’s Ties

Photos for Major.
Over the weekend I used one of my male friends as a model for some photographs. I wanted to have some photos of my ties in a social setting and see what they would look like on the body. I found that the ties look much better on; they have a new life to them and seem to represent more when they have a purpose. Some of the photos were taken in a cafe with a shirt and props like a coffee cup to really set the scene; others were taken on the bare body. It’s amazing that exposing flesh with the ties made them more feminine. The more exposed flesh the more feminine images appear. It depends how well the photos turn out if I will use them as part of my major, instead of developing the concept of the lining in my suit jackets etc.
I also wanted to take photos of sections of the body, both male and female to compare masculine and feminine qualities of both. Enlarge the images and play with the filters and settings in photoshop and use them as background in my collages. Let me know what you think…..

Cafe Tie 2Bondage Tie 1Cafe Tie