MY art up in a GALLERY!

At the end of a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the ANU School of Art, they assess your final body of work in the SoFA Gallery. You hang the work professionally and everything looks just lovely! Its a horribly nerve wracking and also really rewarding experience. Seeing your work that you have slaved over all year, in the context of a gallery brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. I would like to share that with your, here are some pictures of my final body of work. It consists of the tie series, the two collages and the seven masculine virtues series of frames. pb120885.jpgTiesThe Seven Masculine Virtues


Inspiration Websites

I’ve put in a list of websites which i have come across during my study.

Here is some artists and articles on artists i have found interesting:

Linde Ivimey Sculpture

Peter Hobbs Textile Artist

Larry Clark at International Center of Photography

Jean Paul Gaultier: parfum, maquillage, cosmétique. Boutique en ligne

S!X-Cutting Cloth: Contemporary approaches to independent production

S!X-Powerhouse Museum | Sourcing the Muse: S!X

Abbey Mcculloch

Here are just some sites and blogs that have inspired me:

Blog- Decor8

Cool Web 2.0 sites

Recycled plastic banner bags

Bondage comic books

::ArtIndustri:: – The Largest Art Portal On The NetTextile Network – Home


Love From Japan….

September last year i went on a trip connected with the Australian National University School of Art to Japan. We stayed at the Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto for two and a half weeks during the University’s mid semester break and spent a few days in Tokyo, visiting museums, galleries, temples, shrines, markets, local artists and did lots of shopping 🙂 The 20 students had an amazing time and decided to create and exhibition based on our experiences from the trip. The exhibition was called “Love from Japan…” we had a large range of mediums, as the students were from all different workshops within the School of Art. I put in 3 pieces in the exhibition, “Meditation” a three paneled tapestry made from raw Japanese silk, wool and cotton, the images were derived from drawings i had done after meditating. “Vending Machine” is a installation made from electrical tape and photographs of vending machine. I used electrical tape to make a vending machine on the wall with the photos of vending machines as the product inside the machine. The final piece was called “Puri Kura Dreaming”. Puri Kura is the name of the the sticker photos machines you find everywhere in Japan, Holly Gordon and I had a collection of Puri Kura photos so we made a collage. I loved the exhibition, it was fun and a great collaboration, which is how exhibitions should be.

“Puri Kura Dreaming” Vending Machine“Medititation”Invitation

“Lightweight?” Exhibition, Dunedin.

For the past week I have been in Dunedin, New Zealand, helping set up an exhibition in association with the Dunedin Otago Polytechnic and the Australian National University School of Art. The Exhibition was named “Lightweight?”, which made reference to the weight and size limitations of the art pieces do to travel. Recent graduates, current 3rd year students and lecturers all participated in the exhibition, creating a total of 50 textile artists and pieces! I travelled over with two other students and two lecturers, we were billeted out (so very high school!) into a family of one of the students at the Otago Polytechnic. I believe that staying with such a wonderful family really made the trip, however we did learn a lot about setting up an exhibition and the nuts and bolts behind the organising process. Visiting another art school was also a valuable, I believe Art Schools have the same pros and cons everywhere and it’s refreshing to see that all Art institutions have the same problems.
We had an interesting talk from the owner of the Salisbury Gallery, a private and commercial gallery, which was interesting to compare to how a public Art Gallery is run. Much more profit driven, which I suppose is to be expected.

I had a quick look at this website before I left and it gave me a better idea of what to expect. It also had some very useful links to main attractions and Art and Craft Galleries.

Dunedin, New Zealand was cold (top of 13 degrees), scenic (so much green, hills and ocean), had a brillaint art life (especially sculpture and installations), great local beer (Speight’s) and a hilarious rivarly (oh, Australia, you mean that little island to the west?)