About Me

Hi! My name is Lucie Marshall.

I’m a Visual Artist who is currently finishing of my Bachelor of Visual Arts, Majouring in Textiles at the Australian National University, School of Art. A lot of my work is a bricolage of fabrics and ideas, often followed through intuitively.

My recent work has been working on ideas of masculine and feminine. Using fabrics and images to convey two subjects that contrast drastically but can also represent the same ideals.
This blog is about my inspiration and my work as a textile student and artist. I will put up my work in progress and finished pieces that i would love some comments and opinions on.
Check out more of photos at…..


And my website…..


And also my images from Amateur Illustrator



  1. Hey Lucie great to see your web page is up. Nice photos. Will check back later

  2. Hello Lucie. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. Yes, I was pretty partial to Mitch O’Connel’s embroidery patterns too. I enjoyed looking at your personal web page. I found your work evocative. I am quite interested in your collages. I’m particularly drawn to them because they are so textile–there’s so much to touch and look at and explore. I do hope that when you show your works in gallery that you will make a trip to the U.S., of course, but more importantly, that you will make at least a few pieces in which people can touch and explore them. I know that threatens the integrity of the piece, but I just can’t help how visually interesting I find your pieces that if seen in person I would find it very hard not to walk up and begin touching them. There is so much in meaning and history within a piece of art that can’t be seen simply by looking at it. It must be parused, and touched, fingered delicately and even smelled, to fully perceive everything the works has to offer. I only wish more art show in galleries allowed for such, but alas, some jackass who doesn’t appreciate anything would inevitably ruin it for us all. But perhaps your works will be just the thing that can allow us tactile people the freedom to play and explore while witchstanding the jackasses of the world. I fair thee well with your art. Oh, and my husband like’s the print that is featured on the ties in your photos section .^_^.


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